Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O)
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Take full advantage of the marketing opportunities with all the Search Engines. Ideal if you are after a course that will aid your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skills to a complete new level. Understand how Search Engines work by taking the first step to become Search Engine Optimizer.


@ FindNLearn our online Search Engine Optimization course will see you go from novice to know-it-all in no time at all. With the help of this course you will be perfectly place to study all the SEO essentials from the comfort of your own home. 


  • Learn on the go using any mobile, tablet, laptop or traditional devices at your own pace
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1. Introduction:  Learn the art of the Search Engine Optimization. What the course entails...


2. Search Engine Optimization - An Overview: What search engine optimization is; How search engine works; On what basis search queries are being displayed; Paid advertisement vs Organic searches; Other SEO results; Different types of search approaches; How to run Search Engine Optimization campain


3. Role of Keywords: Significance of keywords; How to perform Keyword research; Generic vs Relevant Keywords; Understand the concept of Keywords; Brainstorm Keywords using customer focused approach; What areas to consider whilst conducting Keywords research; Long-tailed vs Categories Keywords; Other resources available to conduct Keyword Research


4. Content Optimization: SEO & User Output: How to optimize contents; What does clarity of contents mean and how it affects SEO campain; How to optimize Site Structure; What other types of contents available to us; What user generated contents are


5. Content Optimization Technicalities: How Search Engines see our contents; What is Crawling; Different browsers langues; What is Indexing; Learn different types of Links; How Sitemaps helps in SEO campaign; What Robot.txt mean to Search Engines; Canonical URLs and different types of Redirects are; Importance of Microformatting; Various types of Microformatting techniques and available resources; Other important SEO factors to consider; Understand Webmaster Tools; How to read Crawling errors


6. Content Planning: How to plan Contents; What strategies to use during Content planning phase; How to define Goals and Objectives; Define your Audience; An insight into Google and other available resources; Various types of Contents; How to expose your contents to a wider Audience; Factors to condiser when writing new Contents; Untapped opportunities


7. Strategies for Link Building: Understand the importance of Links; Various types of Links available to us; How to avoid Spams and Shortcuts; Leverage Social Media resources; Internal vs External Links; Identify Link Building opportunities; How to execute Link Building Strategy through the use of various resources


8. Monitoring Results: How to Measure and Monitor results; Understang Google Analytics; Organic vs Paid Search Traffic; SEO and the role of Social Media


9. Other SEO Optimization Techniques: SEO in an E-Commerce context; How to work around an E-Commerce contents; Technicalities of an E-Commerce site; How to define an E-Commerce architecture; Role of other opportunities such as Reviews 


10. Local Optimization Techniques: Understand how Local Searches works; Maximize Local Searches using various resources; Factors to consider to increase Local visibilities and traffic to your site; Role of business Reviews; Other Marketing opportunities; Role of Mobile and Tablet searches


11. International Optimization Techniques: Learn the International optimization techniques; What other factors come into play whilst running an International Optimization Techniques; Additional things to consider for International Optimization Techniques; Understand International Audience first; How to optimize International Contents; How to create Links to attract International Audience